another year, another place

2010 has given us many memories, friends and plans to look forward to. We had a blast with "our little family" living in Arizona for a few months while the boys recruited for the top office of the season. While our husbands slaved away, Bryt and I became Target regulars and got our tan on by the pool accompanied by some Bieber fever.
(Zach & Brytni Despain, Kyle Bunnell, US, and the occasional Kory Gibbons)

As April approached we collected our things and moved out of the house we rented and threw it all in storage. (moving in desert heat is not such a good idea!)
Another year, another place...destination: Richmond, Virginia.
Husband and I took the southern route this time. We spent Easter weekend with Mike, Megan and the kids in San Antonio, and visited the ALAMO! We said our goodbyes and headed straight for New Orleans, Florida Beaches, Savannah Georgia and Charleston, then to unload in Virginia... WHAT A LONG TRIP, but we're grateful to be young and able to travel EVERYWHERE!!
New Orleans was our favorite stop (we spent a couple days) and would love to go back! The people there are kind and the local food is the best. Rob was kinda iffy about his duck gumbo but it hit the spot. Taking a tour is the best way to go we've learned. Our cameras were out every chance we got. And the plantation mansions are amazing.
NEXT STOP: Jacksonville, Florida. The beach is white and the water is warm. MUch different than the west coast. I was rather pink...or a lobster, out on the town that night.

April-August was a little brutal for Rob, but he came out the top Tech in the Company. We had a fun crew, we'll see if the guys come out next year... 4th of July was spent with everyone at Virginia Beach, dancing, tan lines, and fireworks over the water (not to mention 8 guys/couples in 1 hotel room.) Mom and Kinz showed up at our house for a week, I took them on a tour of D.C. and the local mall.
Miz Nicole Driver and I hit the office in the morning and took work with us to the pool (not sure if allowed, but it worked!) There were lots of slow days; often I'd bring popcorn chicken and soda to the office while catching up on our tv shows. Not having a car got us to be creative, but we always live in new apartment complexes.

Wrapping up the summer came quick! 5 months and its off to find another place to live. This time we decided to go back to school and live closer to family in Washington. We currently live with friends and another roommate in a house in North Seattle. Rob is trying to finish school, and I still struggle to find a job. We've had Taco Bell runs and Halloween outings in the city.
Christmas this year was in Idaho with the Jones and Gibbons'. It's been awesome to spend two weeks with my fam. Rob flew home early, so New Years was a little quiet. But I must say fireworks at the Space Needle looked pretty rad. Sad I missed it.

(Shane & Kelli Kenyon, Abby, Cooper & Roxy)

Here's to 2011! Happy New Year to all our friends and family.
Kali & Rob

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The Kulik's said...

I just love reading your posts, and I love that Rob tried duck gumbo! I could bever be that stong!!! MwAah!