a new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 is to bring many new and great things. Rob's Air Traffic Control diploma came in the mail today, a few more steps and we're golden! We've got a few hopes & resolutions including getting buff and adopting a puppy, being better at blogging ... and having patience as we continue to endure the long haul of this stressful minute of our life. So CHEERS to all of us - may this year bring much happiness!


50th anniversary

last friday was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK in 1963. i listened the whole week leading up to this day on the radio about events in Texas, heartbreak, personal stories and the memory of a great man. I could hardly see my computer monitor at work because the stories told on NPR's Story Corp got me all teary eyed. so after work i text my grandma and asked her if she & my papa remember that moment in time. this is what she said:
"we do. exactly where were were and what we were doing. i was 15 & papa was 17. We were attending a school music festival in Gooding. i remember i was walking along main street with some of my friends. we saw the news of his death broadcasted on TV in a store that sold TVs during our noon break. i remember us coming home from the even & gathering as a group sitting on the bleachers in our gym of our school gym after we go home. we cried. i think as teenagers we were especially vulnerable & especially like our young president & his family. we were heartbroken. he was someone we all looked up to. amazing how certain things stay so prominent in your memory."

this is one of the stories i listened to about the ambulance driver, 'Peanuts', mrs kennedy & the priest. 
click HERE for the story


had a great day shooting these youngsters in downtown snohomish a few weekends ago.
**my .com site will launch soon, keep y'all posted**


happy halloween

^^ mr & mrs gynecologist ^^
^^ the little things that entertain shane, like the new $100 bill ^^
^^ surgeon - bonnie :) - a ceilings fan - tooth fairy ^^

a bunch of last minute costume decisions for all. we didn't make it to any parties around town so shane & kelli had us all over for dinner, we had a low key night with pizza and dominoes, but she's such a good host! its always a party when we're all together. 
p.s. - i'd be in heaven if i could wear scrubs for the rest of my life. ironing them made me think of my mom; while still living at home we'd often have chats while she ironed her scrubs for the next day. in 4th grade i wrote a letter to my future self to be opened when i graduated high school and it said i wanted to be a nurse (after my mom). So of course, acting the part on halloween got the wheels turning of what i want to be when i grow up. they're always turning. medical for sure, but still unsure.

treats in seattle

my uncle jeff & aunt katie came for a work conference for a few days & they took us out to dinner last friday night to a really good place downtown called Andaluca. They were scheduled to leave the next afternoon so we made a plan for the day & bid them goodnight. katie's only wish was to visit the japanese garden at the seattle arboretum. so i picked them up at the corner of their hotel and we spent a while studying these vibrant trees & plants (rob had to work). i'd never been there before, i said to rob that we must go back there. then the next few hours we walked all of pike place market. there are dozens of authentic shops i hadn't been in before, street performers of course, a visit to a french bakery, katie and i wandered an antique shop on the waterfront and we all got lunch from Beechers.  
it was so good to see my family and catch upon each other's busy lives. their twin boys come home from their church missions in may and then all my dad's family plan to rent a beach house on the oregon coast once they return. so if we don't get to see everyone for an early christmas in idaho then we'll for sure reunite on the beach! can't wait!

our mini fall adventure

that one time…we found a barn in carnation… it was pretty cool.
i like this guy a whole lot. 
my goal was to photo some fall trees. instead, a barn.