on the island

Its finals week for our friends and husband, and I'm on my last week of vacay before my big girl job starts... in which most of you would call exquisite, I find very boring after the first couple days off. 
Another sunny day. 54 degrees? quite nice. We made our way down to the caboose on Mercer Island in hopes of relearning math, returning J Crew purchases, and having some Dave/Bonnie & Harley time. Poor dave moves a little slow these days but is a FINE cook. We need to help Bonnie get a job and get moi back in school. 
Not too much to update on, though Mckenzie Leigh is waiting for callbacks on THS Encore, and Mom tries to get off soda every other day  :)   and is building a deck onto the back of her house. The Jaeger's are planning a trip to Idaho for the Camas County Fair {while everyone is home plus a new baby cousin!} Speaking of babies... they're everywhere! It doesn't help that I'm baby hungry. But don't worry guys, not for some time.


Amy said...

I LOVE the light in this photo! :) So I'm assuming you got that job? I hope so.... that would be fantastic news! Call me anytime you want to hang out with me and the girls! We're always up for a play date! And as for babies..... it will be so fun to see what your little one will look like whenever they decide to make their appearance into the world! :)

bonnie said...

Look at me! I feel so special that I made it into your blog. I told Dave what you wrote, he says thank you for the "fine cook" comment and that he already knows he's a good cook. He's such a weenie.