its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Husband and I took a walk into Kirkland today to grab a bite and sit along the beach. It's been quite a while since we've been on a date. Seattle's had quite the stretch of sunshine over the past week, makes me wanna get a little weenie to take on walks. Except Bonnie tells me not to cuz then you have to pick up their poo haha. Everyone and their mom was out today - little league, nuggets with no pants on in the sand - every park packed.  
Bag's packed. Nylon Mag in the purse. Time to update ipod. I've been on a stripes kick as of late and I've worn my navy pants almost 3 times this week, I'm in love and ready for my closet to explode with Spring!
Quote OF The Day
X: "trevor your shirt is too small."
Y: "small and sexy.."

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