seattle for a day

Kenzie traveled to Seattle for one last Ooh-rah of their choir trip last weekend and we had to meet up of course! All her little nugget friends since kindergarten have grown up so fast, I was nervous to watch them stroll around downtown by themselves with the crazies. How naive they are from little Boise, Idaho. Sir Gregory was not wearing a coat on the most blustery, bone-chilling day we've had in a while and he said I was like a mom. Kenz said I am. But I'm not.  {i yell at kids from inside my car "where is you coat?!"} Dave & Bonnie met up with us later to meet my sister and hang with us at Pike Place. Weather wise--not a good day to be outside. And can I just tell you that Beecher's has the world's best mac and cheese? Next time your out pick up a brick of that cheese, if you can spend $20 a pound. Its a little bite of heaven in your mouth. 
I got a tx from Mom last night while we were awaiting to see Twilight:part uno {are you a sparkle fan?}, and it says "in ER with Kenzie." .... .. .....  Rob said I about hurdled the row in front of us to get outside. Thank goodness it was only influenza. I mean, that's still bad, but c'mon. So she's been on my mind, aside from life it's self,  but she's improving. Love you Kenz.

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