{my tour of Venice by gondola in 2008}
I've been struggling to tackle our home decor situation: my floor abundant with empty frames longing to be hung. By suggestion to hang our own memories, I have gone through all the photos I can get a hold of that rob and I share. We've been to millions of locations around the nation, Europe & Brazil, old & recent, but I can't find one that I would love to put on a wall. Particularly ones in great size. So I'm trying to pick up my camera more often and venture out to broaden my range. 
This kid is my idol and what I aspire to be: Hashim, an 8 year old in Iraq has recently been certified the youngest professional photojournalist in Iraq, an accolade he prints on his own business cards. Last year he won gold in a photography competition open to all ages. He is an official member of the Iraqi Union of Journalists. He edits his own photography page in one of the leading Baghdadi newspapers.
There's an elderly lady who looks at least 80something, and she walks the Kirkland waterfront every morning at dawn in her sneakers and plum trenchcoat with white hair inside a hat . I would love to take her photo.
I just learned about Julius Shulman, famous Modern Architecture Photographer who made it big in 1927. He doesn't just capture fabulous homes in Hollywood to Argentina but gives emotion with his eye for perspective. And feeling is the hardest thing to achieve in a photo. His "pictures are incredible for an amateur and better than most professionals." 

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