cheers to the weekend

Hello lovelies, any plans for this first weekend of March? Rob and I are headed to a movie 
tonight and a whole lot of sleeping the next couple days. Gearing up for another long week 
of tendonitis in my thumb and setting things out for my mum. And growing out my nails.... 
I'm always growing out my nails. My current thoughts are of getting back to my natural roots. 
Hair, I mean. Its too much to upkeep with my current blonde-lights and I don't have the 
confidence to let it grow into an ombre look {though my roots are out 7 inches already its pretty obvious}. 
So THIS is what I would love, or something similar.  And I need a colorist I can trust. 
Hoping it won't be as dreary out as they say its supposed to be, I'm craving some sun.
Have a lazy weekend, lets catch up soon

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