happy weekend!

Today was a full shift at work, a red bull by husband, lots of negotiating, a sunny walk down main, cupcakes, cruising kirkland, and overall it was a beneficial day. It was good to get out of the house by foot for a change. Now that we live closer to everything and warmer weather is here I hope we take more of these walks. The strip is full of couples and teeny boppers wearing cut offs and sweaters perusing boys, I only wish we had a dog to stroll with. 
A couple days ago we had our first run-in with a "grumpy old lady" as we call her. It was pouring so I went to grab the car to load the groceries so I quickly pulled into a handicap space for a sec and this woman comes out yelling "That's a handicap parking spot you know!...are you handicapped!?" ....I'm just loading my bags lady!
It could have gone better. 

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