happy weekend

"Orange ball" is what we call a perfect forecast (weather channel) and today is a big orange ball. Perhaps we'll barbecue and take a snooze in the sun or go for a walk. I'm craving some Vitamin D and debating on self-tanner. It's a little embarrassing to wear capris or skirts with these pasty legs of mine, maybe that's my "tan is in" mindset. Speaking of, have you heard the latest on the mother who took her child in the tanning booth? Or have you seen the newest Time Magazine cover about extreme breastfeeding? So Many crazy topics it seems lately.
Working a full saturday means normal hours next week and more time spent outside. I've got a long DIY list that I'd like to attempt, and a get-together with the moms tomorrow...
What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting happening in your world?

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Amy Jaeger said...

I know, those topics are crazy! Hope you had fun on Sunday... it's always good to see you! Let's get together soon and have a girls night huh?