you're a zero and i'm a hero

These past two weeks have been slammed. We've worked long hours, been stressed about new medical developments, Rob bought his first car he's been longing for, I've been collaborating graduation party ideas & so much more. No time to catch up on sleep or household chores. Also we have new plans which I've been meaning to tell you about. In June Rob starts school to become an air traffic controller. So the next year of our busy lives will get crazier while commuting to school, working full time and having opposite schedules. After he finishes his courses we'll move on to the FAA in Oklahoma for training. And from there...I'll keep you posted.  
Today we sold our other car and went to Fremont's Farmers Market. I'd say it's been a great day. I love this time of year when its clear skies, hot and crowded. Throw in a few blocks of vintage sales & local bands and it's a perfect day. No special finds though, I'm looking for some home decor or art or vintage jewelry, not too many artists out this time.
We ended the day at mom & dad Jaeger's for dinner and hoops. 
Rob and little Angie's birthday is this week, a party awaits us next weekend.

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