the odds are high

Catching up with my mom today I learned she recently had some cancerous moles removed... After I got past the "why didn't you call me" it made me sad to #1 hear she went through a painful procedure, #2 she is warding herself from the sun which she loves so much and #3 it runs in the entire family and my chances are just as terrifying. She is very lucky to have such a great doctor who acted fast, I'm not ready to lose her. My grandpa, two aunts and now my mom have had cancerous chunks removed, my grandpa almost dying from cancer on his face. That was a very sad phone call. 
So, as much as it feels good to have a glow, fair is in.  Since getting deep burns a few weeks ago while boating I have been very concerned and cautious of my body and preventing the burn. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! is what I heard all this past weekend. Cancer and skin damage starts in our younger years possibly leading to a bad outcome later on. "It's not worth it" mom says, as she blames herself for keeping up with the fad since high school.
Nowadays our makeup, lip balm and lotions have SPF in them, you might have to spend a little extra but it will be worth your pennies. Keep cover, if without sunscreen wear a cute floppy hat or a coverup with your  swimsuit. This is what it took to make up my mind about being tan, the thought of losing my mom. xo.

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Amy said...

I had no idea! I'm so sorry to hear that about your Mom, I completely understand the feelings and the fear that come with that "c" word. Yes, fair is in and please call me anytime you need to vent or talk! Oh and I've been praying for you and thinking about you often! I hope you're able to get that job! Hugs, Amy