a new season

A very stormy one we had here, the panels of my office building were being slammed by the wind all day long. Our sunshine is off and on, but it's getting warmer. WHICH MEANS getting back to a colorful wardrobe! Also, it's finals week for Rob. He's still doing very well in school although he's been stressed to the max these last couple days. 1 test down, 2 to go. The next and last two quarters are going to get harder though. Flashcards will fill the little time we get to spend together. But can you believe it?! only a short while and he (we) get to move on to bigger and better things. Exciting, mind boggling & chaotic things. I just got home with a lighter cut and blonde balayage that I'm rather loving at the moment, aside from the wonderful smell of Bumble & Bumble products. If you're ever in LA, Portland or here in Seattle you should stop by and get the full treatment from these cool cats. Have a good rest of the week, toodles! xo

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The Kulik's ~ Est. 2002 said...

Bumble and Bumble is my FAV!!!!