another busy month ahead

What have I missed? Oh yeah, just about everything in the last month or so. Fourth of July came & went, we've spent some time boating and browning up our shoulders, Audrey's baby blessing, Johnny's froyo birthday, we missed out flight to Idaho {how depressing} for my cousin's mission homecoming, and of course a lot of overtime & school. And tumblring, yes yes. Needless to say, Seattle's been pretty spoiled with all this sunshine. I've been trying to soak it up as much as I can. 
Rob has ONE more quarter of school left for the Fall &... well... I don't have more details about that. Next week my sister & I are flying to San Diego to watch our younger cousin while his ma & pa are busy working. Been looking forward to this also semi-vacation for months! And then Rob gets to go to TX to see his brother/family the week after I get back. AND THEN... its my b-day. 
until next time...

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Aunt Ang said...

San Diego here you come!!