photo diary: San Diego

^^^Carter & Kenzie easing into the ocean^^^
^^^Kenz made a new friend. Bella & her sandstache^^^
^^^Point Loma Lighthouse^^^
^^^the locals call this temple 'the castle'. The most beautiful one I've seen yet^^^

My sister and I have been waiting MONTHS to get down here to watch over my cousin for a week. Well, the week is coming to a close, we board our separate planes again in tomorrow morning. It's been so fun to spend time with out Uncle Trav & cousin Carter, it's been so long since we've seen them! So grateful for Aunt Ang who flew us down & let us take over her beautiful home. We're sad to leave.

Carter sure is a busy bee. Between dropping/picking him up from school, making a trip to SeaWorld and the beach, brushing teeth, swimming lessons, dinners and dinosaur fights, Kenzie & I have had lots  of 'girl time' in the sun. I love it here in sunny California, can't get enough.

In other news, Rob has at times been MIA studying for finals this week, which has kept him busy while I've been gone. THE QUARTER IS OVER!!! 1 more to go! He's in need of a vacation. He flies out to TX the day after I get back from Cali, he might need a vacation frOm his vacation.
Then it's my 25th birthday. 'Half way to 50', as my sis puts it. Thanks Kenz.

Until next time California,

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Aunt Ang said...

I am thrilled you had a great time. Having you and Kenzie here sure made it easy to be away like I needed to.