50th anniversary

last friday was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK in 1963. i listened the whole week leading up to this day on the radio about events in Texas, heartbreak, personal stories and the memory of a great man. I could hardly see my computer monitor at work because the stories told on NPR's Story Corp got me all teary eyed. so after work i text my grandma and asked her if she & my papa remember that moment in time. this is what she said:
"we do. exactly where were were and what we were doing. i was 15 & papa was 17. We were attending a school music festival in Gooding. i remember i was walking along main street with some of my friends. we saw the news of his death broadcasted on TV in a store that sold TVs during our noon break. i remember us coming home from the even & gathering as a group sitting on the bleachers in our gym of our school gym after we go home. we cried. i think as teenagers we were especially vulnerable & especially like our young president & his family. we were heartbroken. he was someone we all looked up to. amazing how certain things stay so prominent in your memory."

this is one of the stories i listened to about the ambulance driver, 'Peanuts', mrs kennedy & the priest. 
click HERE for the story

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