Abby, Bonnie, Carolyn, Kelli and I hung out Friday night at our house. All we needed was a pot of stir fry and a little black book called "What IF...", a book with questions of all sorts; everyone answered and everyone spilled. I supposed I shouldn't give details, these girls have lots to tell...what's said in the room stays in the room lol! A summer trip to Vegas is in the air also. Missing Katie, wish I lived closer to my bestie.
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! And as we got tired, the more interesting it got. Kelli lost her voice last week so you can imagine a heavy smoker's laugh with the occasional snort. Gotta love her. 2am neared and our last topic of discussion went something like this: "If I could pick any career I would be the official Bedazzler for the Seahawks uniforms."

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