Olivia Wilde's heels, Emma Stone's blond do, English accents.

I'm baaaack. We've been busy, too busy I guess to get you folks up to date...actually our computer died and we JUST got our 27" MAC! its gigantic but pretty. It's where my husband spends all his time these days.
Rob's settling in with school and fighting for his Portuguese credits to be accounted for. We're BOTH hoping UW will take them when he transfers. He finally got a parking pass too, so the old man from the apartments next door won't tow Goldie. Said "I've been watching you for 2 years! I'm gonna tow you next time." Creeper.
The stay at home mom that I am, without actually having kids, has been baking treats at midnight and discovering new clothing lines in my spare time. Meaning, the time I'm NOT in bed watching movies all day. cool. (like my new Eddie Bauer scarf I'm in love with.)
We've been bowling with Dave&Bonnie, visiting Skate King, spending time at the caboose, baking cookies, Skyping, Tweeting, shopping, job hunting, joined the church bball team, watching "A Single Man" and locating Rob a new style. Oh, and watching the Golden Globes.
Cookies and ice cream at mom and dad Jaeger's with the little girls, while watching BOLT...We'll see what this week brings.

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