rain rain go away

Not a cloud in sight today. Robbie now works weekends so with my time off I've "been quite the adventurist" he calls me. I have this habit of going places where I probably shouldn't (by myself). And of course my camera is glued to my hip. Its nice to not shoot puddles and gray clouds, but people basking in the sun and couples watching their nuggets on the playground. Ran by the biggest ROSS I've ever seen today, then to downtown Kirkland. I love little boutiques and quaint coffee shops! I must say it would have been so much more enjoyable with someone holding my hand. 
I picked him up from work for his lunch {a mere 5:00pm} for some Dick's burgers/fries, and I ask: "what do you want for dinner?" He said THIS is dinner... Its 8:30 and I could eat a small cow. 


bonnie said...

Taco Bell!

jaegermeister said...

Should have...I eat by myself nowadays