the weekend is here!!!

What are you up to this weekend my lovelies? 

Weatherman has been giving us some drab weather / rain storms lately, I think we'll be staying in.
And can Summer be here yet? I'm tired of wearing dark colors...minus a tan, and my toenails are even pastel pink. Which is not like me but I'm trying to make Spring come faster. Trying my hardest to not give in to NeedSupply, Sleek Identity and Anthropologie.
We traded in for a VW GTI last week (our newest {fast} addition) and we LOVE it. Every time we ride together husband will make sure I know that he loves our car. MUch different from my mom car. Its nice to finally have something of our own; big purchases = stress = eating poorly. And all I want is cake.
Our good news continues: we have both landed jobs.
To Be Continued...

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Anonymous said...

New cars and secure jobs are GREAT! Congrats!