angie's turning 5

little Angie and Jenny Jaeger
fairies and dragons will flood the park on the 21st
Amy has quite the creative thumb when it comes to her little girls {everything else too}. On our only day of sun, the four of us headed to the park to snap some pictures of Ang for her birthday invitations which go out this week. One puppy and a playground of kids later, we met Uncle Robbie and Aunt Lena for some pizza outside of John & Amy's house. Angie insisted on eating with "ladybug forks, ladybug plates, and ladybug cups." It's so fun to hang out with these little ladies, always an adventure. I'm glad we stayed in Seattle.

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Amy said...

Thanks so much Kali.... these turned out amazing! You're right, it's always an adventure with these two and never a dull moment! Love ya!