it doesn't rain here... not ever

Have a fabulous weekend! May yours be sunnier than ours!
Just stopped by Nordy's, Serendipity Boutique is my next stop, and all the girls are wearing maxi dresses with nude wedges. Picked me up a new {pair} today, can't wait to wear them with everything!

My mommy's in town this weekend and we're gonna partyyyyyy! Not so much, but I'm so happy she came to our neck of the woods. Compliments of IGA. It's only for a day really, but I've been more than homesick the past while.  3 more weeks till I fly home too, Logan's farewell is coming up and my bags are already packed.  And a lot to do this weekend. I think its the craziest one we've had in a while. I did a shoot with red-headed Ang and Jenny the other day at the park {our only day of sun} and I'm struggling to get everything else done on my to-do list so I can get these cute pics to Amy before next week. Plus Mother's day, Street League for Robbie's birthday, bbqs galore and touring mom around town.  All while Rob works. Maybe a nap in there somewhere. Maybe an ice cream cone. 

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your shoes!! We have both been so busy, we need to hang out. Lunch maybe? -Bon Bon