head in the clouds

I am so sleepy. all the time. and we have the house back to ourselves finally. Time to rejuvenate, paint my toes and let loose. Time to job hunt and save our pennies for some road trip we're going to take. Time to research my new disease {its not that bad} so my bones stay strong. And time to take more pictures of us so there's not a gap in the timeline. Do you know a way to slow down time? because the minutes are turning into days and I could use some tips. There's so many items on my/our to-do list and the weeks are flying. And we'll be flying to Utah in a week with higher priorities to handle. Dresses, decor, sharing bunk beds, rental cars and capturing the sweet moments any chance I get. We're so excited for Cristina & Lee to live happily ever after and start their own little family! crazy So until then, you can find me in billowy blankets & blackout curtains. See you soon!

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