sunday musings

So many things I would love to try & accomplish, like learning the cello, taking a stranger's photo, rock at paddle boarding, or be a florist! The list is pretty long if I gave it enough thought. Even going back to school terrifies me, with having the most drive I've ever had for college I find myself putting it off quarter after quarter. I think we could use a change, maybe just me for now since Rob enjoys his job and plans for school in the winter. But when it comes to doing something I love my junior high dreams of working for National Geographic or having my own studio race through my mind. Somehow I get lost in the viewfinder, its kind of a weightless feeling without a single care in the world.. except for lighting. I wish I could find that feeling in another something. I had client shoots where I've walk away in tears because its not good enough. Rob says I'm a stressed out kinda gal.. not true, but I worry a lot. and I'm sort of a perfectionist. So that will be my goal: to live in the moment, have courage, and to make something my own. When in doubt, you just have to believe in yourself.

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