little birds play hide & seek in our shaded parking lot under icy cars and around tires. coffee brews and the sun rises through my window. the sun is in my eyes making it hard to see the screen, but its ok because its been too long since i've seen it. my sister comes today, along with comments of how we look the same. she's grown before my eyes, about to see the world through her own and grow in wisdom and love. my mind wanders easily to new beginnings and good health, imagining what the future will bring or the friends we'll make. i procrastinate focusing on my current duties which will take till dark.  the sun is fading into another one's window and i wish it would stay only in mine so the cold stops creeping to my feet. but my sister somes today.


Amy Jaeger said...

You are quite the writer! Thanks for sharing! Let's get together soon! Love ya, Amy

Kali said...

just daydreaming at the office