heavy on the liner

The one thing in my makeup bag I can't quite live without, besides mascara, is eyeliner. I'm always getting asked how I got them long lashes & bold line. Well folks it goes like this- 1: curl lashes at base, 2: draw your eyeliner at lash base {sometimes I try to wing it or build up towards the outside}, 3: carefully go along the waterline underneath, 4: add a coat or two of mascara to get long, full lashes. Also I don't use liner or mascara on my lower lash much because I feel it closes off your eyeball area. I tend to stick with black on black, Rimmel London is what I currently use. And I'm not a fan of those mascara wands with fluffy brushes, to me the small plastic ones comb and separate my lashes better. Nor have I mastered skinny liquid liner, but smudge proof is much needed.
VoilĂ ! now you know my routine! {like blondie #6} What's yours? This girl's always looking for new tips, tricks, and products.

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