adventures in seattle

Finally sunny today, Robbie's shirt & the camera on my hip. We grabbed some sammies for lunch at the Honeyhole on Capitol Hill (he took me there the first time I visited Seattle while we were dating) and then we tried to find parking near the library. fail. I've never been inside the one downtown and have been wanting to snap a photo of it's architecture in black & white. It's blob of glass just fascinates me. Like the Rainier Bank Tower. So instead Rob drove us through San Francisco-like streets to find the East Portal Viewpoint at the head of the tunnel of the I-90 bridge. AND THEN we got lost in a crazy green land we hadn't been to before called the Arboretum...duh... that spit us out near U Village where Rob sat on hold for hours with Apple while I picked up some chambray at H&M. We've been taking backroads all day, thought about jumping the fence into a golf course with awesome shadows but the barbed wire kept us out. We're pooped, waking up at 7am makes for a long day but we made the most of it. Now the sun is setting as we have our usual debate on what to make for dinner. That pot roast did NOT make it on the agenda. Toodles, have a great week! xo

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Aunt Ang said...

A day out with no responsibilities . . . priceless!