so ready

These weeks keep on passing us by so quickly. Sorry I haven't been around much, I've had a head throbbing week at work and Rob's been busting his butt with school and work. Let me tell you, it's getting more intense with ATC shenanigans. We have a giant map on our living room wall of a single test he has to memorize, and there's talk about taking an internship in SLC if there's an opening. Not to mention another change in work schedules. Lately I've been more than ready to get school over with so I can quit my lame job & be in a place where it's sunny %70 of the time so I can take a photo or two, and so we can have some little nuggets. Sorta longing for new scenery, although I do love this big city and the people in it. BUT I guess those doors will open when it's time. At least that's what everybody keeps saying. This chapter has been really hard for us but I'm proud of Rob for sticking it out and doing so well in his classes and for keeping me laughing. 
I hope you've had a marvelous weekend so far, sleep and a pot roast is on our agenda today. xo

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