a backpack adventure

So tomorrow morning, on our only day off, we will rise early to catch a ferry out of Seattle to Bainbridge Island and drive north somewhere into the woods. Lately (when I'm not feeling blue and exhausted) I've been wanting to go on lots of mini road trips and see new places. Rob has been here just about all his life and he's never been to the Olympic Peninsula or the islands. Basically the west side of Washington. Well my lovelies, I am determined make that happen. To be the change, what shakes up our life & makes it interesting so we have stories to tell our children. Collect moments, not things. 
The both of us have had a long and sad week with AT-SAT results and other shenanigans. Our little tornado of a world is whizzing by and we haven't been taking the time to discover the world and figure out ourselves. I'm so excited for our adventure to new lands tomorrow. Fer sure taking a camera or two. Back when we worked on the east coast off and on we made it a point to go somewhere new every weekend. Even though we spent a lot of time in DC. I miss those days. But the great NW has so much to offer and we live in this ritzy part of the city which is becoming old. And I'm a big city girl! Anyway, I'm veering off track here... Much R&R is needed. Rob needs a break. I need a break. Its going to be 82 degrees and we're going to have a great day! Watch Instagram till I get Photoshop up and running ;]

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