something to look forward to

ping pong anyone? my mom always wanted one of these on the patio to go with her twinkle lights

'You know why her hair's so big? Because it's full of secrets.' And boy do I have one. Hence why I can't update you on the matter until the time comes. So don't attempt to get it out of me, I'm a terrible liar!
Cheers to the freakin' weekend, huh! A long week it has been. For the past two nights (in bed as soon as we get home) we've been crazy about popsicles and watching 'The Killing" which is based here in Seattle. It might be a 'B' TV show but Rob and I are sorta sucked in. Other than that there's a 4-load pile of laundry on the floor which hasn't been folded, a pizza box somewhere, a new pair of heels I've been trying to find outfits for and a grocery list that desperately needs to be checked off. Can you say no motivation?? We've had nothing going on yet it seems our life is a tornado of events.
Despite the weather, have a chill weekend. We're going to see The Great Gatsby tonight finally. Can't wait to see Carey Mulligan.

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