treats in seattle

my uncle jeff & aunt katie came for a work conference for a few days & they took us out to dinner last friday night to a really good place downtown called Andaluca. They were scheduled to leave the next afternoon so we made a plan for the day & bid them goodnight. katie's only wish was to visit the japanese garden at the seattle arboretum. so i picked them up at the corner of their hotel and we spent a while studying these vibrant trees & plants (rob had to work). i'd never been there before, i said to rob that we must go back there. then the next few hours we walked all of pike place market. there are dozens of authentic shops i hadn't been in before, street performers of course, a visit to a french bakery, katie and i wandered an antique shop on the waterfront and we all got lunch from Beechers.  
it was so good to see my family and catch upon each other's busy lives. their twin boys come home from their church missions in may and then all my dad's family plan to rent a beach house on the oregon coast once they return. so if we don't get to see everyone for an early christmas in idaho then we'll for sure reunite on the beach! can't wait!

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